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What is Pinky Gul?

Pinky Gul is a women centric community space or what is now referred to as third spaces. Third spaces are locations where a community can exchange ideas, enjoy themselves and build relationships.

As Pakistanis, particularly women, are drifting further into social siloes, we at Pinky Gul are working towards providing a vital Third Space for women to connect, learn and grow.

What is the inspiration behind Pinky Gul?

Pinky Gul has been created and is run by Mishayl Naek, the force behind the online mother’s support group, the Yummy Mummy Network. With a background in Development Economics, she has worked on multiple social development projects in her educational and professional career.

In 2019 she started a female centric co-working office, but quickly realized women need much more than a working environment; they needed a safe community space.

So why is it called Pinky Gul? The name is inspired Mishayl’s parents, whose nicknames are Pinky (Farzhana Naek) and Gul (Farooq Naek). Pinky Gul was very thoughtfully designed with Mundist Interior and Landscape Design Firm, run by Samia Khan. We loved working with this team and how passionate they were with this project. From end to end, Pinky Gul has worked with incredible women to ensure this woman centric space truly embodies our values of community and support.

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What does Pinky Gul Offer?

As a third space, Pinky Gul has multiple functions. We have a multi brand retail space which stocks women led brands. In our retail space you can find fashion, home furnishings and accessories, beauty products, jewelry and stationary. We have carefully curated our retail to have one to two vendors per category, and have met with each retailer to make sure they are in line with Pinky Gul’s brand values.

FLOC will be heading our café area, which is open for walk in, high tea and private events. We have seating and sofa areas for you to lounge in, whether its for a social catch up, study session, work or client meeting.

Our upstairs café and meeting room has been designed to be easily hired out for private events, such a pop ups, exhibitions, off site meetings or social gatherings. We have a small meeting room equipped for multimedia and laser jet printer and can be rented by the hour.

If you’d like to know more about this, please contact us directly via phone, email and fill out the form below for further details: